For information systems, as in sport, fluidity is key.

In the world of boardsports, the 540 ° is a mythical figure that fascinates with the expertise, control and daring it requires.

Summed up by surfers, snowboarders and skaters in five forty, this 360 ° and a half seemed to us a great response of fluidity to complexity, obstacles and heaviness of all kinds.

Finance and IT consultants Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365, we are committed to go further with 180 ° more to invent with you the most adapted solutions and to answer your stakes with agility. Pragmatic and understood solutions of all actors of change.
Des solutions pragmatiques et comprises de tous les acteurs du changement.

Requirement and excellence. Complexity and fluidity. Exceeding and ending. Speed and precision. Rigor and inventiveness ...

This approach, both more global and connected to your realities brings us closer to the highest degree.



Get closer ! We have everything to get along

We are :
a consulting firm specializing in finance and IT Microsoft Dynamics AX / 365

Our approach :
go further in listening to our customers and understanding their needs. Beyond the traditional 360 °, we add 180 ° more to provide pragmatic and understood solutions of all actors of change.

This is the reason why of our appellation: FiveForty or 540 degrees of flexibility !